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Recently, a mom shared this about her experience with The Light Collective:


"The Light Collective has been our only contact with other families since COVID began. Honestly, I didn't think we needed it, but I realized quickly that we did. We need to more frequently be in contact with families that get it, that understand the challenges and thoughts that are never talked about or acknowledged."

As we continue to build the monthly Matchbox program, our Board is creating a strategy to explore a whole host of other opportunities to care for families who have a child with cancer (and beyond), and doing so with a sharp focus on equity and accessibility for all families, especially those who may be underserved.


We need your help to build a financial foundation that allows us to offer a generous and nimble YES to families as we grow into our dreams. Thank you for your partnership!

Make a one-time gift or schedule a monthly recurring gift using your credit card or PayPal.

$50 per month

This recurring gift provides a Matchbox dinner delivery for a family of four.

$100 per month

This recurring gift covers shipping costs for five boxes to be sent to families around the state each month.

$250 per month

This recurring gift pays for all the supplies and silliness we include in each family's Matchbox that we cannot purchase using our Amazon Wish List.

Send a check payable to The Light Collective :: PO Box 55423 :: Shoreline, WA 98155

Visit our Amazon Wish List and help us create fun-filled thematic boxes of delight for each month's Matchbox event. We will post a fresh list every month.

Pro Tips:

  • Be sure your items will arrive at least one week prior to the date of that month's event. (We will note the delivery deadline in the Wish List description.)

  • Ship all items to the address provided on the Wish List.

  • Please let us know who you are so we can appreciate you! Extra points if your note makes us giggle.

Gear-up with your very own Light Collective SWAG! Every purchase of a sweatshirt or t-shirt contributes to our mission and elevates your style.

Give the gift of stock: You can transfer securities to TLC's brokerage account by following these simple instructions. Please contact JJ Kissinger to let us know you are planning to make a gift of stock.

thank you for


family fun!

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