about us

The global pandemic has made the already unimaginable experience of serious childhood illness even more difficult and isolating for kids and families. And even as the world begins to "open up" again, it will remain necessary for families who have a child with cancer will continue to "shelter in place" as always.


Our mission is to create hope-oriented community where families who have a child with cancer build resilience and share delight. We cultivate communities of light in the darkness by creating safe and delightful experiences for families to make memories together while connecting to a larger community of families on a similar journey. 



The Light Collective is supported by a community of expert professionals trained in health care, education, social work, human development, counseling, pastoral care, and organizational health. We are eager to provide services and experiences that are safe, developmentally appropriate, mutually encouraging, and delivered with excellence.

We work with a team of medical professionals to ensure our programs are safe and appropriate for families. This team includes:

Kristin Gard: Pediatric Oncology Nurse Practitioner

Sue Ehling: Pediatric Oncology Nurse Practitioner

Timothy Ehling: Director of Clinical Operations, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance 


  1. FAMILY and all the unique and beautiful forms and structures it takes.

  2. MEMORY MAKING through silly, safe, thoughtful, and expert-led experiences.

  3. WHOLENESS, seeking to support the emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being of families.

  4. MUTUALITY, recognizing that each of us joins the collective with different experiences of brokenness that can become a shared experience of healing.

  5. EQUITY, building a team of experts while working to dismantle oppressive systems and uncover problematic biases which could hinder our ability to create connection.

  6. STORIES, affirming each family’s story is sacred, unique, and worthy of utmost respect and care.

  7. RESEARCH, anchoring our work in proactive study of best practices.

We enthusiastically welcome and provide support for children and families without discrimination based on race, religion, ethnicity, cultural background, national origin, disability, sexuality, gender identity, gender expression, or socioeconomic status.