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sparking family fun

Enjoy this day of fun and memory making at your own pace!


Open your box when it makes the most sense for your family.


Click here to enjoy some time together with other TLC families and our fabulous volunteers:

  • CRAFTS: 2:00-2:45pm

  • GAMES: 4:30-5:30pm

  • PARENT & CAREGIVER CHAT: 7:30-8:30pm the following Monday


We've sent you a DoorDash Voucher--the email should come from "DoorDash for Work" with a prompt to create an account. Be sure to check your junk/clutter folder if you don't see the email.


Not sure which email address we used?

Contact JJ!

Need support with your DoorDash voucher?

Read this from DoorDash Support.

DoorDash doesn't work for your family?

Order your favorite meal, then send us a photo of your receipt. We will reimburse $15 per person age 13+ and $10 per person age 12 and younger.


Post a few pics of the fun you're having on our private photo share page. We may use your photos on social media if you've given permission.


Get ready for a sweet and silly day by watching this unboxing video!


Happy Circus Music! Play this cheerful soundtrack as you enjoy the day!

learn to juggle!

Grab your scarves and watch this tutorial, and you'll be a juggler in no time!

read aloud

What happens when a group of circus animals get lost at sea? You will LOVE this story!

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