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The Light Collective is the newest addition to the phenomenal array of organizations
serving families who have a seriously ill child in the Pacific Northwest. 


 Step into the LIGHT!

Sign up for our MATCHBOX family fun days: a monthly day of connection and play for families on active treatment or within one year of treatment for a cancer diagnosis.

Each month, this FREE themed and interactive experience will include:

Family Meal

A family meal from one of your favorite local delivery spots, delivered to your door.

Family Fun Box

Home delivery of a box that includes thematic and interactive games, crafts, activities, and fun surpises for your whole family to enjoy together.

Interactive Play

Join with other families for an expertly-facilitated and lighthearted round of games and friendly competition.

Caregiver Connection

A hope-oriented, supportive conversation for parents and caregivers to share stories in a safe and guided space.

let's make some memories...

Join the list for our next Matchbox: Sunday, September 19

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, September 8!

Here's what you can expect:

A few days before:

Activity boxes will be delivered to your door


Enjoy some family fun with the contents of your box at your own pace in your own space


Log on to Zoom for live family games


Your custom-ordered dinner is delivered


Parent & caregiver chat, facilitated by Doug and Laurie Bunnell

future matchbox event dates:

Sunday, September 19

Sunday, October 17

Sunday, November 14

Sunday, December 12